USA TODAY and Global Poker Index seals multi-year deal

Global Poker Index live poker’s top ranking agency, has signed a multi-year content collaboration with the USA TODAY Sports Media Group that would see USA TODAY Sports arrange a committed poker portal circumventing the GPI and a lot of its initiatives.
Global Poker Index’s CEO Alexandre Dreyfus told that they are very happy to be declaring this multi-year content deal with USA TODAY Sports. The partnership would provide an important platform to show their innovative new events and to promote the players ranked in Global Poker Index.
Fundamental to the GPI’s enterprises moving into 2016 would be the expected Global Poker League.  The Global Poker League is a twelve-team, 2-conference pro poker contest set to start its very first season in the first half of 2016 and climaxing with GPL World Championships later that season. San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are a few of the places expected to have teams in the Global Poker League that targets to increase the entertainment value of poker, with immersive events and engaging consumer content.

Dreyfus said that this is really great to have received the passion and support of an industry leader, such as USA TODAY Sports, whose team shares in their vision to ‘sportify’ this game. They are looking ahead to working very closely with them over the coming years.
USA TODAY Sports Media Group’s Jason Ford said that the GPI has done more than any other organization to unify this game and to see the chances that exist for creating a ‘big league’ atmosphere around play.