Master Classics Of Poker 2016

The last player to leave the Master Classics of Poker Main Event 2016 empty handed was Johan van Til. With a total of 53 players remaining, were guaranteed cash of minimum amount.

However, all were eyeing on the first place prize too, although they had achieved cash by €7,895.The runner up title was achieved by Charlie Carrel in the Higher Roller and 3rd place in Super High Roller in this poker tournament. The event took place in the capital of the Dutch and the event was led by a broad margin. Carrel has more than 400,000 in chips, which are more compared to this close competitor Jan Bendik who achieved a 2n place after Day 2.

There were many new planners that signed up and that are how the Day 2 began. The total number of players was increased to 356 with new entries and reentries. This was the 2nd biggest poker Main Event that took place in the history of 25 years. The Holland Casino Amsterdam did not take long to discharge the information of the prize pool. The amount will be divided between 53 players. (more…)

Online poker’s pouring down the Russian chess

Among several heavy questions that the government of Russia has clambered with in recent months — of budget cuts and sanctions; and war and peace — is poker a game of chance or skill.

The reply is far from niggling. It would go a very long path in figuring out whether Russia could make online poker legal, and so bring the frenzy for the game that has swept the country in recent times within ambit of the tax collectors of the nation. This is a debate that has closely bound up with the fate of proud customs in chess.
During Soviet era, chess tables might be seen in each Russian or east European park, with countless players deep in thought. Egalitarian and heap, chess became Soviet Union’s top “sport” of the mind, offering more champs than any other country on Earth.
And yet, only twenty-five years later, chess has been poked at almost into the borders of ex-Soviet society — by nakedly moneymaking poker. For a lot of chess players, the card game of US folklore and gangster films has become a total game changer.

USA TODAY and Global Poker Index seals multi-year deal

Global Poker Index live poker’s top ranking agency, has signed a multi-year content collaboration with the USA TODAY Sports Media Group that would see USA TODAY Sports arrange a committed poker portal circumventing the GPI and a lot of its initiatives.
Global Poker Index’s CEO Alexandre Dreyfus told that they are very happy to be declaring this multi-year content deal with USA TODAY Sports. The partnership would provide an important platform to show their innovative new events and to promote the players ranked in Global Poker Index.
Fundamental to the GPI’s enterprises moving into 2016 would be the expected Global Poker League.  The Global Poker League is a twelve-team, 2-conference pro poker contest set to start its very first season in the first half of 2016 and climaxing with GPL World Championships later that season. San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are a few of the places expected to have teams in the Global Poker League that targets to increase the entertainment value of poker, with immersive events and engaging consumer content.


J. C. Tran is among the trailblazing professional poker players

Commentators in the poker industry have always touted versatility as the hallmark of unlocking the latent aptitude of a player in the game.

The truism of this claim can only be proved when viewed through the resume of the Vietnamese-American gambling guru J.C Tran who is domiciled in the sprawling California. At the onset, Tran is renowned for having clenched the WSOP bracelet twice, has won the World Championship of Online Poker tournament, boasts eight final tables at the World Poker Tour, is a WPT title and World Poker Challenge winner and was also declared the World Poker Tour Season V Player of the Year.

His richly cemented resume encloses a fifth place at the 2013 World Series of Poker tournament where he placed fifth to take home a whopping $2,016,893 that is his most substantial earnings in his lengthy poker career.

In the World Poker Champions L.A Poker Classic in 2006, Tran finished fifth and straddled to the WCOOP at PokerStars where he raked in a sizeable $670,000. His excellent performance has also been depicted in numerous events, including the L.A Poker Classic’s in 2007 that brought in $1,177,010, clenching the WPT title on the same year to garner $683,473 and emerged Player of the Year. (more…)

Leif Force a smart poker player in the game of poker

The poker player who has good statistics records in international poker Game.

He is a player who has made many tournaments very interested for many viewers as well as opponent. The player that has won many matches as well made the games successful for himself.

The Poker player has statistics listed. He has taken active participation in many matches. He is a player has 5 carrier titles and 56 carrier cashes in all tournaments he has played at various international poker players. The player has many plus points that makes him successful poker player. (more…)