25 thoughts on “Poker – Incredible Poker Hand lIlIlIlIlI

  1. Hahaha, and that’s why you’ll never be good at cards. You wouldn’t even
    make a decent McDonald’s manager with that philosophy. Apparently you see
    intellectualism as a feminine quality and/or a homosexual quality. To you,
    being stupid and reckless in your own profession is being manly. Yeah,
    okay. Don’t ever say anything again. You just proved your comments are
    worthless. Adios.

  2. And you would know this how? Only faggots take poker play as some type of
    intellectual conquest. All I said was the guy made a bad lay down and you
    come back saying I’m an idiot and then you act like a little girl in love
    with this guys supra-genius instincts for sniffing out a pair of aces. I
    don’t care what kind of instincts you got, laying down a pair of cowboys
    was not being a gambler. It was being a fag.

  3. Yes you are. Especially if you’re trying to imply that a sucker’s never won
    a pot, or even a game. You’re the sucker. The man’s a genius for accurately
    reading aces with such confidence that he lays down kings, which if his
    read was correct, which it was, would’ve left him with only a 1/5 chance of
    winning with all-in pre-flop bet. Yeah, great risk, buddy. I bet you didn’t
    even know those odds.

  4. I’m an idiot, who with the same hand (even if someone HAD ACES) would have
    called. It’s called gambling. You weigh your risks and gamble, you don’t
    throw away cowboys just because you picked up on aces! I’m an idiot, who
    with this same exact hand and deck would have won the pot.

  5. That was actually the greatest lay down in history. Laying down a KK,
    accurately reading aces from another player. That’s… amazing. Brilliant
    instincts. You’re an idiot.

  6. The guy with AA was recently arrested for being one of the biggest Conmen
    in Britian over the last 10 years! Google Achilleas Kallakis.

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