Master Classics Of Poker 2016

The last player to leave the Master Classics of Poker Main Event 2016 empty handed was Johan van Til. With a total of 53 players remaining, were guaranteed cash of minimum amount.

However, all were eyeing on the first place prize too, although they had achieved cash by €7,895.The runner up title was achieved by Charlie Carrel in the Higher Roller and 3rd place in Super High Roller in this poker tournament. The event took place in the capital of the Dutch and the event was led by a broad margin. Carrel has more than 400,000 in chips, which are more compared to this close competitor Jan Bendik who achieved a 2n place after Day 2.

There were many new planners that signed up and that are how the Day 2 began. The total number of players was increased to 356 with new entries and reentries. This was the 2nd biggest poker Main Event that took place in the history of 25 years. The Holland Casino Amsterdam did not take long to discharge the information of the prize pool. The amount will be divided between 53 players.

As the total amount of entries has increased, the price of the first prize had to be dropped a bit as compared to the tournament held last year.

There was no reason of infusing on the payouts for some of the players like Govert Metaal, Fatima Moreira de Melo and Steve O’Dwyer. They left long before the money stage could reach the tournament. Noah Boeken, the champion of MCOP High Roller survived on the Day 1 with 5 stacks. He joined his fellow poker champions on the rail. The chips were handed over to Charlie Carrel by him.

The plan for Day 3 is to play down starting from 53 for a table of nine. It’s time to wait to see who achieved the highest place in the Main Event.