Jim Meehan, The Winner Of The Bracelet Of WSOP Has Expired

The famous person in the community of Poker passed away last Thursday at a ripe age of 66. The Minnesota born, he had pursued law before taking into poker full time. He had also worked for the law for almost 20 years and then became one of the most regular players for the game during the Poker World Series.

He had earned more than $1.5 million only from the tournament and he had finished on the final table eight times. Surely, he had been a historic player for the sport and one can definitely call him the legend of the game. He was inducted to the 2015 Hall of Fame which features the top players from the state of Minnesota. A lot of poker players around the world took to Twitter to give their messages on the demise of these great players. Some of them included Chris Wallace and even Allen Kessler had re-tweeted one of the messages for the player.

Meehan had also obtained the bracelet in the Poker World Series event which had given him a guarantee of $280,000 and also he had appeared on the television which relayed the final table of the World Main Series Poker. He had also taken down one of the Hold’em down tournaments in the World Series event that was conducted in 2003. He had left the game in recent times owing to his personal commitments and also his health. He was also the champ of the game online, as he had also one the main event of the world championship event of the game conducted online.

Nevertheless, it is a big loss for the poker industry and he is surely one of the legends to have ever played the sport compared to any in the world.