Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold is renowned worldwide for his cool demeanor while wagering high measures of cash and for his forceful playing style. He has achieved an eminent position in the world of poker. He won the WSOP title in 2006 which totaled in excess of 12 million dollars which made him the grandest champ in poker history.

Jamie wasn’t dependably a poker player in terms of professional career; indeed he used to be an ability operator. He is answerable for carrying stars, for example Lucy Liu, Jimmy Fallon, and Kristin Davis in the spotlight. At the age of 21 he established another kind of ability org called Jmg Management. Through these organizations associated with the expressions of poker, Gold came to be close with poker star Johnny Chan who gave the youthful agent a couple of tips about the universe of expert poker. In the year 2006 he has become the star player, however soon took out his rivalry and climbed up in the next step, leaving his other big name allies in the dust. After playing for 7 days and winning the competition, he was offered an agreement to join the universe of expert poker. Some hours later, Jamie Gold won his first WSOP title.

Jamie is well known for his alluring and cheerful approach to the game. Each day that he played in the 2006 Wsop, he was seen eating on a dish of blueberries. Why blueberries? He was consuming them when he won his first round and he would like to continue this for winning the entire series. He is one of the eminent game players in the WSOP series. His story is truly amazing as he stunned everyone. He came, he gave attention and won the 2006 Wsop to make poker history. When he plays all eyes are on him to check his outstanding poker playing approach.